TREVIVE is a residential community for peers, 55-plus, who want to engage and invest in a stimulating, culture-rich environment that offers them freedom, choice, and support as they age.


We are creating a vibrant, participatory community where people 55 and over can age in an environment offering the pleasures of friendship, shared purpose and belonging. It’s a place that will foster their personal, intellectual and spiritual growth, nurture their creativity and feed their ongoing desire to explore and evolve.

Trevive Global lets you live life on your own terms, at your own pace and with other people just like you.

We feel the term “Nexter” fits Baby Boomers perfectly. They’re not buying into their parents' notion of “55 and over” as a time to sit back and retreat from the world. They understand that they may never have enough time to see, learn and try all of the things they find interesting. That doesn’t bother them.

Their reward for a life well-lived will be TREVIVE – a place that helps them find the answer to all of life’s exciting

“What’s next?”

You believe

That retirement isn't an end, but a chance for a new beginning.

That age isn't a number to fear, but an opportunity to know yourself and what you want.

That the best place to spend your life is at the center of everything.

We believe

That a life well-lived includes freedom of choice and a personal connection to what's around you.

That a community of style, stability and comfort – set against a skyline of limitless exploration and adventure – is the best of all possible worlds.

That this is your time, your place and your peers.


We can create a community that redefines retirement – and allows you to thrive.

Learn more about Trevive W108

Learn more about Trevive W108

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